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The Westbrook Listeners Tale
Whan that fair June with her shoures soote
Wimbledons lawns has perced to the roote,
Sondry folks, the pilgrymage to doon,
To Caunterbury they wenden everych oon.
In the Tudor Garden to congregate
At the King's School, past St. Augustine’s Gate,
And in ilke plas with muchel joy and blys
To layes most subtil and diverse to list,
To musicke set by Mike and put on stage:
With Chris, Knight of the reeds, t’assist the mage,
With Kate, her semely voys that she so wel out twynes,
Ywis and forsooth rejoycing our heartes and minds;
So we enjoyed mellowdious September Song and eek
The Duo’s pairformance in the following week.