The Orchestra Of Smith’s Academy

CD Cover "The Orchestra Of Smith’s Academy"
ENJA ENJ 9358 2

1. Checking In at the Hotel Le Prieure
2. I.D.M.A.T. (It don’t mean a thing)
3. Measure For Measure
4. So we’ll go no more a-rovin’
5. Blighters
6. Viennese Waltz
7. Blues For Terenzi *

Total Time 73:36

recorded Crawley September 1992
except * recorded Cheltenham July 1995
  Kate Westbrook (piccolo, tenor horn, voice)
Kate Westbrook (voice)
Mike Westbrook (piano)
Dominique Pifarely (violin)
Anthony Kerr (vibraphone)
Pete Saberton (piano, synth.)
Frank Schaefer (cello)
Steve Berry (bass)
Peter Fairclough (drums)
Chris Biscoe (sax)
Alan Barnes (sax)
Peter Whyman (sax)
Dave Bitelli (sax)
Alan Wakeman (sax)
Chris Caldwell (sax)
Graham Russell (trumpet)
Stuart Brooks (trumpet)
Noel Langley (trumpet)
James McMillan (trumpet)
Paul Nieman (trombone)
Adrian Lane (trombone)
Tracy Holloway (trombone, euphonium)
Andy Grappy (tuba)

except * by The Steve Martland Band

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