CD Cover "Platterback"
CD: PAO 10530
CD: VP JP 117
1. Stiltsville
2. Riding Down to Platterback
3. Strafe Me With Friendly Fire
4. Love Letter From Stiltsville
5. Boiled Beef
6. My Sum and Substance
7. The Stiltsville Yodel
8. The Streams of Lovely Lucienne
9. Country v. City
10. You Need Me
11. Platterback Train
12. Tragedy of a City
13. Platterback
14. My Friend Moon
15. Riding Out From Platterback

Total Time 74:09

recorded London Dec. 1998

Kate Westbrook’s voice can charm the birds out of the trees - yet, it can also pack a punch that would floor Mike Tyson.

Paul Serotsky

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Kate Westbrook (voice)
John Winfield (voice)
Karen Street (accordion, voice)
Stanley Adler (cello, voice)
Mike Westbrook (piano, tuba, voice)

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