CD Cover "LIVE"
LP: SGC 1001
CD: Birdsong BIRD2004
CD: HUX 151 (2017) see here
1. Travellin'
2. Compassion
3. Down on the farm
4. Pleasure City
5. Hyde Park Song

Total time 56:40

recorded 1972

It is the infectious music which doesn't seem to begin or end. It whisks you away into a pulsating kaleidoscope dream of world sounds, bursts of noise and quiet, unnerving spaces. Then suddenly the melody is back, like a familiar turning in the road.

Tavistock Times
Jan. 21st 1972

Mike Westbrook (electric piano, harmonica)
George Khan (electric saxophone)
Gary Boyle (guitar)
Alan Jackson (drums, alto sax)
Butch potter (bass guitar, pongo stick, flute)

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