Paris Album

CD Cover "Paris Album"
LP: POL 370
1. Free as a bird
2. Kanonensong
3. Long John Brown and Little Mary Bell
4. Serpent Maigre
5. Song of the rain
6. Windy City Blues
7. Bordeaux Lady
8. Madame
9. La Concierge
10. L'egalite des sexes
11. Ballad (Home on the Range)
12. Knivshult
13. Calypso (I can't pay the rent)

recorded Paris 26-29 May 1981
  Mike Westbrook (piano, tuba)
Kate Westbrook (vocal, tenor horn, piccolo, bamboo flute)
Phil Minton (vocal, trumpet)
Dave Barry (drums, percussion)
Chris Biscoe (alto, soprano + baritone saxophones, piccolo)
Alan Wakeman (tenor + soprano saxophones)

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