CD Cover "Tyger"
LP: RCA Red Seal SER 5612

1. London Song
2. Klopstock's Song
3. Three Bloody Cheers
4. When Sir Joshua
5. A Man May Be Happy
6. Box 505
7. The Lineaments Of Gratified Desire
8. The Children Of Blake
9. Application
10. A Poison Tree
11. The Destroyers Of Jerusalem
12. Let The Slave
13. Chaucer's Song
14. Shakespeare's Song
15. Milton's Song
16. Happy Birthday William Blake
17. If You Can
18. Poetry
19. Joy
20. The Fields
21. I See Thy Form
Mike Westbrook (piano)
Fiachra Trench (organ, piano)
John Mitchell (organ, piano)
Alan Jackson (drums)
Gary Boyle (guitar)
Dave Wintour (bass guitar)
Nisar Ahmad Khan (tenor saxophone, flute)
Malcolm Griffiths (trombone)
Dave Holdsworth (trumpet)

Isabelle Lucas
Denis Quilley
John Moffatt
Jane Wenham
Sarah Atkinson
Ian Burford
Peter Duncan
Maureen Lipman
Riggs O'Hara
Louie Ramsay
Norman Beaton
Gerald James
Bernard Gallagher
James Hayes
David Henry
David Kincaid
Tony Leary
Allan Mitchell
Malcolm Reid
David Ryall
Michael Turner

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