CD Cover "THE ASS"
CD (UK, 2002): Jazzprint/Voiceprint JPVP118

1. The Ass Dreams
2. The Long Drawn Bray
3. His Big Furry Head
4. The Steppes Of Tartary
5. The Rut Of Love
6. The Triumphant Entry
7. Porta Cappuccini
8. Lu Me Sceccu
9. Sciccareddu
10. Escaping To Egypt
11. All Mares Are Dead

Total time 66:50

recorded London, Dec. 1985

Words by D.H. Lawrence from his poem "The Ass" and his letters from Taormina.
" Lu Me Sceccu" (trad. Sicilian song) with English lyrics by Kate Westbrook.
Music by Mike Westbrook

from the liner notes

Kate Westbrook (voice, tenor horn, bamboo flute)
Mike Westbrook (piano, tuba, voice)
Trevor Allan (voice, accordion, clarinet)
Lesia Melnyk ( voice, violin, mandolin)
Peter Whyman (voice, clarinet, saxophones)
Stephen Boxer (voice)

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