Cuff Clout

CD Cover "Cuff Clout"
CD (UK, 2004): VPJP310

1. Even/Uneven
   (comp. Lindsay Cooper)
2. The Riddle
   (comp. Jenni Roditi)
3. The Devil And The Canny Lad
   (comp. James McMillan, arr. Dudley Phillips)
4. My Lazy Goodheart
   (comp. Errolyn Wallen)
5. Toad’s Washerwoman
   (comp. Mike Westbrook)
6. Joseph F. Glidden
   (comp. Chris Biscoe)
7. One Cezanne Apple
   (comp. Eleanor Alberga)
8. Oceans, Straits, Currents And Seas
   (comp.Barbara Thompson)
9. The Skirmishers
   (comp. Lindsay Cooper)

all texts by Kate Westbrook, music as indicated on each title

Total time: 68:29

recorded Nov. 2001

[...] Together, Westbrook and Winfield embark on a cosmic journey singing the terrifically daft "Oceans, Straits, Currents & Seas"-think Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Lord Byron and private eye John Shaft sharing a pickle jar full of LSD. Kate's Skirmishers band performs with a deft touch, whether sounding like an old strip joint combo on 'Toad's Washerwoman' or enshrouding "One Cezanne Apple" with a Third Stream funereal air. Getting comfortable with Westbrook's "neoteric music hall" may take some work but it's worth it.

Frank-John Hadley

Downbeat Magazine
October 2004

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Kate Westbrook (voc)
John Winfield(voc except on 4)

John Alley (p on 2,7)
Alan Barnes (as on 5)
Chris Biscoe (as on 1,6,9)
Stuart Brooks (tp on 1,9)
Steve Brown (dr on 5)
Mike Carr (h-org on 5)
Laka Daisical (p, kb on 1,6,9)
Nic France (dr on 3)
Andy Grappy (tuba on 1,2,6,8,9)
Jon Hiseman (dr on 8)
Tim Holmes (ss, Eb-cl on 2,7)
Peter King (as on 5)
Peter Lemer (syn-b on 8)
Neil Percy (perc on 7)
Dudley Phillips (e-b on 3)
Sebastian Rochford (dr on 1,6,9)
Barbara Thompson (ss on 3,8)
Billy Thompson (viol on 3,8)
Errolyn Wallen (p on 4)
Peter Whyman (as on 2,7, ss on 6)

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