Art Wolf

CD Cover "Art Wolf"
altrisuoni AS186 CD

1. My Pale Parasol
2. Art Wolf Sketches
3. Exile
4. Oil paint on Canvas
5. Art Wolf Scavenges
6. In Meinem Puppenhaus
7. Mein Bleicher Sonnenschirm
8. Unsigned Panaorama
9. Oil and Pencil on Cardboard
10. Ein Glücksspiel
11. Sketching Party
12. Whose Wolf Art Thou?

Total Time 56:15

For pictures of the March 2005 performance in Luzern click below ...

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Kate Westbrook (voice, tenor horn)
Mike Westbrook (piano, euphonium)
Chris Biscoe (alto sax)
Peter Whyman (soprano sax)

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