CD cover of Catania
2019: WR004

1.Introductions (4:32)
2.View From The Drawbridge (10:21)
3.Love and Understanding (18:36)
4.Tender Love (3:33)
5.Lenador (18:16)
6.Song of the Rain (8:38)
7.Factotum al Bebop (10:38)
8.I See Thy Form (4:20)
9.I.D.M.A.T. (6:57)
10.Lush Life (8:57)
11.South From Toulouse (10:40)
12.Long John Brown (13:14)
13.Surabaya Johnny (8:15)
14.Band Introductions (1:37)
15.Alabamasong (8:45)
16.The Toper’s Rant (12:56)

Total Time 150:14

recorded 1992 in Catania/Sicily

  Kate Westbrook (voice)
Chris Biscoe (sax)
Alan Barnes(sax)
Pete Whyman(sax)
Alan Wakeman (sax)
Chris Caldwell (sax)
Karen Street (sax, accordion)
Graham Russell (tp)
Dave Plews (tp)
Noel Langley (tp)
James McMillan (tp)
Paul Nieman (tb)
Adrian Lane (tb)
Tracy Holloway (tb)
Andy Grappy (tuba)
Frank Schaefer (cello)
Pete Saberton (p)
Anthony Kerr (vibraphone)
Steve Berry (b)
Peter Fairclough (dr)
Mike Westbrook (p)
& guests:
Phil Minton (voice)
Dominique Pifarely (violin)
Danilo Terenzi (tb)