The Away Matches

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Guest Appearances

recorded published/Label
Kate Westbrook (tenor horn and voice) features on 4 of 12 tracks of this album by Heribert Leuchter
Heribert Leuchter Trio + Kate Westbrook 2006 2006: LUXaries Records CD 1071
"Lime Blossom"
Norma Winstone sampler includes "Original Peter" from the Love Songs Album
Norma Winstone ... Universal UCCM-4006
"Teatime vol.2"
2 CD set, includes several tracks from the Love or Infatuation album
various artists ... 1998: POISE06
"Sarajevo Suite" various artists ... ...
Kate Westbrook (voc) on two tracks of
"Music For Other Occasions"
Lindsay Cooper 1983-1985 1986: nml 8603cd
Kate Westbrook (tenor horn) on
"The Gold Diggers"
Lindsay Cooper ... 1983: RéR LCD
includes Mike Westbrook's "Free as a bird" various artists ... 1997
"Jazz Jamboree ’71"
includes Mike Westbrook’s "Hyde Park Song"
various artists ... 1971: LP: MUZA(PL)SXL 0829
a 60s and 70s jazz collection compiled by Gilles Peterson.
Includes Mike Westbrook’s "Original Peter"
various artists ... 2003: 2LP: UNIVERSAL 647491
track is not included on the CD: Universal 647492 !!
"Impressed 2"
a jazz compilation by Gilles Peterson.
Includes Mike Westbrook’s "Metropolis IX"
various artists ... 2004
"That’s Line 6"
a sampler of the Line label includes Kate Westbrook's "Surabaya Johnny"
various artists ... ...
"That’s Core Jazz"
a sampler of the Core label includes the Westbrook's Dance Band's"Thalia - Lindy Hop (Airmail Special)"
various artists ... ...

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Westbrook Compositions performed on

recorded published/Label
Mike Westbrook’s saxophone concerto Bean Rows And Blues Shots (approx. 30')
CD includes concertoes by two other composers
John Harle 1991 1991
includes Mike Westbrook’s setting of Blake's "Let The Slave" Van Morrison ... 1984: Mercury (Polydor 843 116-2)
includes several of Mike Westbrook’s Blake settings Frankie Armstrong ... Harbourtown Records - HARCD 027
"Vanishing Trick"
Brian Patten reads his own poems
musical settings of "Embroidered Butterflies" and "After Frost"by Mike Westbrook
Brian Patten 1970s tangent records tgs 116
"Ronnie Scott & The Band: Live at Ronnie Scott's"
includes Mike Westbrook's composition "Too Late, Too Late"
Ronnie Scott 1969 1999: Columbia 494439 2

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