Westbrook Discography

45 rpm singles (7’’)

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45 rpm singles (7’’)   published/Label
"A Life Of It's Own / Can’t Get It Out Of My Mind" (A/B) from the "RELEASE" album   1969: DERAM DM 234
"Requiem / Hooray" (A/B) from the "MARCHING SONG" album   1970: DERAM DM 286
"Original Peter / Magic Garden" (A) from the "LOVE SONGS" album,
(B) prev. unpublished
  1972: DERAM DM 311
"I See Thy Form / A Poison Tree" (A/B) from the "Westbrook Blake" album   1980:Original Records ABO 3
"The Human Abstract"
(A) vocal / (B) instrumental
(A) from the "Westbrook Blake" album
(B) prev. unpublished
  1982:Original Records ABO 8

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