The New Westbrook Orchestra

Chanson Irresponsable

Kingston upon Thames, 24thMay 2002

Gateway Studios

recording session for BBC 3, "Performance on 3"
broadcast on 4thJune 2002

Mike Westbrook and the sedge warbler, truly birds of a feather. Chanson Irresponsable, light-hearted and carefree, appropriates the ways of the multifarious bird. The result was close on two hours of nonstop recording session. The fabulous accoustics were sharp and clear, better than any concert hall I have been to. It showcased the perfection of each and every of the 15 performers. For all I know new to the Westbrook Orchestras were the two bass clarinets, immediately contributing with the full range of the instrument, expertly elicited by Chris Biscoe and Peter Whyman.

1. The Reed Bed, the Oak and the Stream
2. Stolzierender Protz
3. Fight
4. Unbekümmerte Liebe
5. Chattering Billy
6. Tu Crânes
7. Amore Spensierato
8. Insouciant Amour
9. Gran Vanto
10. Careless
11. Ein Vogel
12. Hymne Funèbre
13. Vanto d'Amore
14. Gone

Chris Allen (cello)
Chris Biscoe (clarinets/saxophones)
Dave Bitelli (saxophone/clarinet)
Stuart Brooks (trumpet)
Jane Hanna (French horn)
Tim Harries (double bass)
Sebastian Rochford (percussion)
David Lasserson (viola)
Matthew Sharp (voice)
Karen Street (accordion)
Neil McTaggart (violin)
Kate Westbrook (voice)
Mike Westbrook (piano)
Peter Whyman (clarinets/saxophones)
Mark Wilson (violin)

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Jane Hanna., N.N., Mike Westbrook, Chris Biscoe

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