Good-bye Peter Lorre

CD Cover "Good-bye Peter Lorre"
FECD 9.01060 O
see also reworked 2004 release

1. PROLOGUE: Chanson Populaire
2. CHORUS:Hollywood Splash
3. The Show Goes On
4. The Sailor's Tango
5. Good-Bye Peter Lorre
6.-13. Hollywood Elegies
14. Love For Sale
15. Traurig, aber falsch
16. Surabaya Johnny
17. Wasteground and Weeds
18. Piove (Ciao, Ciao, Bambino)
19. The Show Goes On (Reprise)
20. CHORUS: Le Petit Matin
21. EPILOGUE: Toute Seule

Total Time 63:03

recorded London July 1991

The way Kate spits out scenarios of alienation and hard-bitten ultimatums ...

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Marino Guida

Kate Westbrook (voice)
Mike Westbrook (piano)
John Alley (piano)
+ vocal group Fine Trash

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