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21st June 2020  -  the new album by Kate Westbrook & the GRANITE band is now available: "Earth Felt The Wound" and can be ordered from Westbrook Records.

6th April 2020  -  the 1974 recording of "Citadel/Room 315" by the Swedish Radio Group is now available: "Love and Understanding" and can be ordered from Westbrook Records.

5th January 2019  -  the 1992 Sicily live recordings are now available as the 2CD album "Catania" and can be ordered from Westbrook Westbrook Records.

18th September 2018  -  new piano solo album "Starcross Bridge" by Mike Westbrook out now.

8thJuly 2018  -  new album "GRANITE" by Kate Westbrook - release date 27th July 2018 or available now from Westbrook Records.

8thJuly 2018  -  historic recording "The Last Night at the Old Place" by the Mike Westbrook Concert Band out since 25th May

3rdJuly 2017  -  re-issue of "Marching Song" as a 3CD-box with additional tracks and an extra CD is available.


16thJune 2017  -  re-issue of the LIVE album with added tracks as "LIVE 1972" is available.

26thOctober 2016  -  the new solo piano album 'PARIS' can now be ordered from the UK website: Westbrook Records

23rdOctober 2016  -  added a few of this year's programmes here

22ndNovember 2015  -  Two albums have come out this autumn

After Smith’s Hotel available as download (FLAC/mp3) from Westbrook Records

A Bigger Show by Mike’s Uncommon Orchestra, available in December from Westbrook Records or in early 2016 in the shops.


21stFebruary 2014  -  Glad Day DVD&CD now available from Westbrook Records

12thFebruary 2014  -  Tour dates in March in Germany and Switzerland can be found here

18thJanuary 2014  -  article by Duncan Heining on Mike Westbrook's album Marching Song can be found here: jazz looks into the landscape of war

3rdSeptember 2013  -  new album: "The Serpent Hit"

20thNovember 2012  -  new Trio album out "three into wonderfull" on the occasion of the Trio’s 30th anniversary, containig among others tracks from "A Little Westbrook Music" previously unreleased on CD.

25thFebruary 2012  -  removed some dead wood from the links page, added some new ones too.

19thApril 2011  -  

29thSeptember 2010  -  what the bloggers say:
  review of "Fine 'n' Yellow"
  interestimg facts about "Love Songs"

14thSeptember 2010  -  performance in October in Vienna/Austria

15thJanuary 2010  -  radio broadcast on Friday, 22nd January on Swiss Radio DRS2: "Off Abbey Road" from the 2009 Willisau Jazz Festival

21stAugust 2009  -  performances Aug./Sept. in Germany and Switzerland

18thAugust 2009  -  radio broadcast on Saturday, 22nd August on BBC Radio 3: "Transgressive Gospel", with Kate Westbrook

2ndJuly 2009  -  yet another re-release of Marching Songs (vol. 1&2): announced for 13th July on the Righteous label, available for example from Cherry Red Records(UK)

22ndJune 2009  -  find a review of the new allsorts album at vortexjazz

6thMay 2009  -  new album "allsorts"
(available from Westbrook Records)

17thApril 2009  -  new album "Fine ’n Yellow"
(available from Westbrook Records)

15thMarch 2009  -  coming tour dates Switzerland for April/May

10thFebruary 2009  -  Three re-issues on BMG Japan available for pre-order on HMV-Japan (and possibly elsewhere). Official release date is 25th March.
   BVCM 35622 - Metropolis
   BVCM 35623 - Solid Gold Cadillac
   BVCM 35625 - Citadel / Room 315

18thOctober 2008  -  coming radio broadcast on 18th October on BBC radio 3

4thAugust 2008  -  The July 2008 issue of the Italian magazine "Musica Jazz" features a twelve pages Westbrook supplement plus an all Westbrook sampler CD

28thMay 2008  -  Three more re-issues on Universal International available for pre-order on HMV-Japan (and possibly elsewhere). Official release date is 23rd July.
   UCCM9257 - Celebration
   UCCM9258 - Marching Song Vol.1
   UCCM9259 - Marching Song Vol.2

31stMarch 2008  -  two more magazine articles

 - January 1966 Jazz Journal on the Mike Westbrook Orchestra

 - from the brand new internet based magazine "Eartrip":
   a recent extensive interview with Kate & Mike Westbrook

28thMarch 2008  -  not on this site but: find an interview with Kate & Mike on the occasion of the reissue of "London Bridge Is Broken Down" at the current vortex website

20thMarch 2008  -  the "Westbrook-Rossini" (hatART 6002) album is scheduled for re-issue as hatOLOGY 661 (no date known so far)

12thMarch 2008  -  re-issues announced for April by BMG Japan:
   BVCM 35283 Metropolis
   BVCM 35284 Solid Gold Cadillac
   BVCM 35285 Brain Damage
   BVCM 35286 Citadel Room 315
(28th May: HMV Japan has marked these as "unreleased items". Not sure what this means. I'll keep you informed)
Update Feb. 2009: Except for "Brain Damage" these are now on pre-order at HMV Japan under new order numbers (see entry above for Feb. 2009)

12thMarch 2008  -  the "London Bridge Is Broken Down" album re-issue on BGO is slightly delayed.
The booklet couldn't be produced in time.

25thFebruary 2008  -  announced for 3rd March 2008: re-release of "London Bridge Is Broken Down" on BGO records

25thFebruary 2008  -  coming radio broadcast on 22nd March

6thSeptember 2007  -  Mike Westbrook Village Band
The Waxeywork Show

9thAugust 2007  -  imminent album releases (dates according to HMV Japan):

- "Goose Sauce" on 25th August 2007
  on the Japanese Birdsong label (BIRD2005)

- "Live" on 25th August 2007
on the Japanese Birdsong label (BIRD2004)

- no date yet for Mike Westbrook Village Band
The Waxeywork Show/all THAT jazz

11thMay 2007  -  news of the planned album releases:

- "Mama Chicago" in June 2007
  on the Jazzprint/Voiceprint label (JPVP139CD)

- "On Duke’s Birthday" in July 2007
on the hatology label (hatOLOGY 635)

- Mike Westbrook Village Band
The Waxeywork Show/all THAT jazz
details to follow

11thMay 2007  -  "On Duke’s Birthday" on tour in Switzerland in October 2007

24thJune 2006  -  programmes/tickets from June 2006 in Devon here

15thMay 2006  -  see Jazz UK’s article from the March/April 2006 issue on Mike Westbrook here (pages 16/17, PDF)

3rdMay 2006  -  new album with Kate Westbrook as guest to Heribert Leuchter's band see here

upcoming album "The Nijinska Chamber" by Kate Westbrook and Karen Street see here

17thApril 2006  -  Philip Clark's 2004 composer-to-composer talk: scroll down here and click on Jazz Review (Dec. 2004)

14thApril 2006  -  Filmstills added for the March Rossini broadcast

27thMarch 2006  -  Feature (in German) by Bert Noglik in the March issue of online magazine "Jazz Zeitung"

2ndMarch 2006  -  Programmes from 1974 and 1975 performances of "Citadel/Room 315" have been included on the programmes and posters page
Thanks to Roger Farbey for contributing them from his attic!

18thFebruary 2006  -  "Citadel/Room 315" will be re-issued on BGO records. Release date announced is 27th March 2006

A special performance, ART WOLF plus, will be braodcast on the radio (BBC’s "Jazz On 3") on 24th March 2006

2ndFebruary 2006  -  "Westbrook Rossini" (a recording from 1987 at Leverkusen) will be broadcast by German TV on 19th March 2006

6thJanuary 2006  -  Stephen Poliakoff's drama Caught On A Train with Mike Westbrook's score will be broadcast on BBC FOUR on Jan. 15th, 7pm.

24thOctober 2005  -  new programme from the upcoming performance at The Warehouse/London on 10th November.

31stAugust 2005   -   Updated the site statistics with the current 2005 data.
Otherwise all news have been covered in Chris’ extensive bulletin from 30th July.
I certainly look forward to all that work hitting the stage & shops!

28thJune 2005  -  The re-release of Love Songs on the Vocalion label (CDSML8407) is now available in the shops

There is an attractive special offer of Jazzprint albums.

Some more programmes from this year's Art Wolf performances in the UK and Switzerland.

4thMay 2005  -  some programmes from this year's Art Wolf performances in the UK and Switzerland.

14thApril 2005  - celebrates 5 years of coverage of the fabulous Westbrooks’ music. - Thanks for looking in and perhaps sharing my passion.

30thMarch 2005  -  The provider of the free ballot software and database has terminated its services without notice earlier this month. You can see the results as well as mail me your personal votes here

12thMarch 2005  -  pictures from the "Art Wolf" concert in Luzern

13thFebruary 2005  -  Mike Westbrook at the Barbican, clip shown on BBC FOUR

29thJanuary 2005  -  details from Art Wolf CD have emerged, due out in March 2005

the Art Wolf tour dates have slightly changed

6thJanuary 2005  -  Cuff Clout has had a four star review in October’s Downbeat Magazine (thanks to Chris for details)

28thDecember 2004  -  updated cover of new release Goodbye Peter Lorre (thanks to Chris T.)

added a couple of samplers to the discography (thanks Pete for the info and scans!)

programme from an April 04 performance in Lincoln (thanks again to Pete from Leicester)

19thDecember 2004  -  Turner in Uri: last of the film stills for now

20thNovember 2004  -  another set of film stills
New release of "Goodbye Peter Lorre"

1st - 7th November 2004  -  upgraded the film/video listing. Over the coming weeks I will add more film stills!

2ndSeptember 2004  -  general jazz news

23rdAugust 2004  -  more re-releases: Kate Westbrook’s "Goodbye Peter Lorre" to be out on 25th October 2004 on Voiceprint VP346CD

22ndJuly 2004  -  Sorry for being silent for so long. However there have been no news. Rehearsals for "Art Wolf" have been going on in June. The album will be out on a Swiss label in late spring 2005 in conjunction with a performance at the sponsoring Aargauer Kunsthalle.
Besides announces a new album this autumn: "Westbrook Songbook" by the Westbrook Duo.

11thMay 2004  -  update on radio programmes

upcoming Gilles Peterson compilation includes track from Metropolis

27thApril 2004  -  Turner in Uri (documentary and concert were broadcast on Swiss TV last Sunday (film/TV listings)
Sorry I didn't post this earlier, but I only found out today!
While a DVD of some of the material should be out shortly (see here), a recording of the TV broadcasts, on VHS video or DVD would be most welcome! Contact me

6thApril 2004  -  venue/box office for the Duo's April 9th/10th Switzerland concerts here

6thMarch 2004  -  changed my statistics provider - hope for more reliable counters

24thFebruary 2004  -  Altdorf (CH): screening of the film based on last year's stageing of "Turner in Uri"

13thJanuary 2004  -  album details for Cuff Clout(broken link mended, 15/01)

two LP covers seen on ebay over the past months:
   double LP Metropolis+Citadel Room/315
Brian Patten reads poems, musical settings by Westbrook

29thNovember 2003  -  working off some more backlog of The Wire magazine articles from Pete's cupboards

22ndNovember 2003  -  another Wire article (thanks to Pete Wells for sending this in), this time on London Bridge...

also from Pete: some programmes from his visit to this month's UK Tour of the Trio.

9thNovember 2003  -  completed report from the Altdorf performance of TURNER IN URI

hear Westbrook Tio live on BBC 3 on 15th Nov.

4thNovember 2003  -  programme for this month’s UK-Tour of "The Lift"

2ndOctober 2003  -  complete entry for Chanson Irresponsable

15thSeptember 2003  -  Image for 45rpm "A Life Of Its Own" added

3rdSeptember 2003  -  A publishing date for CHANSON IRRESPONSABLE has been fixed: 13th October 2003 on ENJA

21thAugust 2003  -  A few photographs from the Aldorf performance of Turner in Uri

27thJuly 2003  -  Announcement card Turner in Uri
corrected link 2nd Aug.

13thJuly 2003  -  minor update on tour dates

28thJune 2003  -  back from my holidays, so here is yet another Wire article. Thanks to Chris Topley from for providing this one!

9thMay 2003  -  another in the series of The Wire articles

6thMay 2003  -  programme scan of the Duo’s upcoming Ruhr Triennale appearance

23rdApril 2003  -  
October performance of KlangWeltReligion
improved info on the Love For Sale album

17thApril 2003  -   radio broadcast date! "Reich durch A.R.M."

14thApril 2003  -  poster from a Trio performance at the London Jazz Cafe
1984 TV drama Hotel Amigo by Kate & Mike Westbrook

1stApril 2003  -  more clippings from "The Wire"

26thMarch 2003  -  first in a series of press clippings from "The Wire"
(reader Pete Wells provided the scans from his stock of magazines)

Dont’t miss the official site’s yahoo group for discussion and information sharing!

18thMarch 2003  -  programmes of 1968 National Jazz & Blues Festival and 1970 Yorkshire Folk, Blues & Jazz Festival
updated statistics

15th February 2003  -  tour and radio broadcast dates
new: film-/video-/tv-o-graphy
design issues on front page and tours page

2nd - 3rd February 2003  -  improved info on availability of albums
new: list of radio broadcasts
programme of Classical Blues

8th January 2003  -  another review of "Platterback"

19th November 2002  -  completed details on new album "L’Ascenseur/The Lift"

5th - 9th November 2002  -  scans+texts from programmes (Tyger, The Cortège, The Ass) and Cover of the 45rpm single "The Human Abstract"
(Thanks Pete for sending all these) Details from the programmes will be added over the coming weeks

26th October 2002  -  new album "L’Ascenseur/The Lift" out now!

24th September 2002  -   portrait of Kate Westbrook by Mark Wohlrab at Dortmund Jazzfestival, June 2002

20th July 2002  -   quote from the programme of Dortmund Jazzfestival, June 2002

8th July 2002  -   Kingston recording session of Chanson Irresponsable.
Honorary mention: United Jazz+Rock Ensemble Farewell Tour

18th June 2002  -   Some more details to the Metz performance of the Trio.

26th April 2002  -   programme of the Metz performance of the Trio. (Details & photos as they develop)

15th March 2002  -   new programmes & posters of Westbrook performances.

8th March 2002  -   more tour dates

17th February 2002  -   new feature: programmes & posters of Westbrook performances. - Share yours with us!

5th February 2002  -   Tour dates

4th February 2002  -  track listings for new releases The Ass & Good Friday 1663

27th January 2002  -  preliminary tour dates

4th January 2002  -  preview album covers of upcoming releases
The Ass & Good Friday 1663
(courtesy of Chris from!)
29th December 2001  -  
16th November 2001  -  

While Kate & Mike have been active performing and recording, I haven’t had a chance to see a performance or welcome a new record to these pages. Thus I have devoted myself to toying with some technical stuff: I’m almost done with the redesign, and I started on a programme evaluating the access logs; here are some visitor statistics. Besides, if you bookmark on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, you will get our piano logo in your bookmarks list :o)

12th August 2001  -    pictures of Bridport concert
22nd July 2001  -    basic info on this month’s Bridport concert
6th June 2001   -     news on imminent record releases, see news ticker on the   front page
19th May 2001   -  
  • I am currently working on a technical redesign of the site. This will not have a major effect on the look and feel, but will make future maintenance more effective.
  • Thank you for your patience!
  • News (of the Bridport concert) will probably be here by the end of July 
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